How To Make Sexual Pheromones

Do you want to learn how to make sexual pheromones? Pheromones are naturally occurring hormones in animals that send sex signals to the opposite sex. Many people have turned to using pheromones to increase sexual desire.

Things you will need to make Sexual Pheromones:

  • Essences of oil
  • Pure grain alcohol
  • Spring water
  • Synthetic pheromone
  • Celery (Optional. See note.)
  • Gauze pads (Optional. See note.)
  1. Add a small amount of synthetic pheromone to an essence of oil. Let the mixture sit for a week. Different oils can increase the strength of the pheromones naturally secreted from your body through the seat glands. Because everyone’s pheromones are unique, so are the reactions different oils have on your body. You can experiment with how different oils work on you by rubbing a little on your skin and asking someone of the opposite sex which ones smell better. Different ones to try are evergreen, vanilla, jasmine, lavender, sandalwood and many others. You can also try different combinations of oils.
  2. Mix a little pure grain alcohol to the bottle. You want to add it slowly so as not to add too much. You are creating a perfume out of the oil by doing this.
  3. Dilute the mix by adding spring water. Again, do this slowly so as not to add too much. Add spring water until the scent is at the right strength for your taste.
  4. Dab the mixture on your body like you would perfume. Be sure not to put too much on yourself.



  • Since pheromones occur naturally in your body it is possible to use your own instead of purchasing a synthetic. An easy way to do this it to place gauze pads under your armpit when you are sweating. Women produce more pheromones during menstruation. You can then extract the sweat yourself for use or take the gauze pad to a lab to have your pheromones abstracted.
  • Even if you decide to use a synthetic pheromone it is still helpful to increase your own to get the best results. Studies have shown that a chemical found in celery can increase your body’s sexual pheromone production. You can even find celery juice in many health food stores.
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