How To Make A Shelter In The Woods

In emergency conditions people need to know How To Make A Shelter In The Woods. Hikers or campers have been known to get lost occasionally, and having some protection from the elements can be lifesaving. Making a shelter in the woods takes some common sense and some effort.

To make a shelter in the woods, you will need:

  • support structure
  • covering

Each location will have a unique set of products available as well as weather conditions, so the shelter builder needs to evaluate the environment. A lean-to is among the best shelters to make.

Steps to Make a Shelter in the Woods:

  1. Select a good location where two trees are about five to six feet apart. This will be the main support. Select trees that are smaller in diameter if available. Trees that have branches on them low down are best.
  2. Look for smaller fallen trees or branches. These will be the canopy support which ties in to the main support trees.
  3. Place a cross beam between the two main support trees. Main support trees that have lower down branches which allow one of the smaller collected trees or branches to fit across are the best option. Trees without branches need collected vines to use as rope to attach the cross beam piece.
  4. Use a smaller collected tree or branch to act as the roof side support. Attach one end at the main support tree where the cross beam is. The other end will be on the ground. Do this for both sides.
  5. Place covering materials over the roof. This action depends on available materials. In some locations you may have palmetto you can place as the roof material, in others you may need to collect more branches to give more cross support to the roof and then lay another product on top of that support.
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