How To Make Shoes Out Of Tires

People that want to reuse or recycle should know how to make shoes out of tires. When tires are no longer useful on the car they still have plenty of miles left for the foot. Nothing says you recycle better than when you make shoes out of tires. They may be the last pair of shoes you ever need.

To make shoes out of tires, you need:

  • used tire
  • sawz-all
  • lace (shoestrings for vegan, or leather string for non-vegan)
  • drill and bits
  • eye protection
  • heavy gloves
  • cardboard
  1. Put on the eye protection. Eyes can be damaged easily from flying debris when you make shoes out of tires.
  2. Make a cut-out of your foot by tracing on the cardboard. Use this for rough measurement when cutting out pieces. You can tape it down in areas to give an outline.
  3. Cut the tire from top of the sidewall, down to the tread then across the tread and back up the other sidewall. Do this again to make a section slightly longer than your foot cutout so you can make shoes out of tires.
  4. Cut out another section like the previous step. This will be for your other foot.
  5. Using the foot cardboard cut-out, take the cut out sections and cut along the tread to remove the sidewalls and excess tread.  Try to make a neat cut, but be careful of the tread if it's steel belted.
  6. Drill holes along the outer edge of the tread cut-outs. This is where you will thread the lacing to finish making shoes out of tires.
  7. Thread the lace on each cutout to form a sandal. If you put your foot on the tread cut-out while lacing, you can get a better fit.
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