How To Make A Shopping Cart Cover

Learn how to make a shopping cart cover to keep your child clean when he/she is sitting in the child seat. Shopping carts are great for the convenience they provide when shopping for groceries or other items at retail stores like Wal-mart or Target. Shopping carts are used by many people each day and that means dirt and germs. Shopping cart covers are a quick, easy way to cover up all of those germs and stickiness to protect your child.

To make a shopping cart cover, you will need:

  • Approximately 2/3 yards of fabric (roughly 24 inches by 30 inches)
  • Thread
  • Sewing machine or hand-sewing needle
  • Trim, as desired
  1. Choose the right fabric. For a shopping cart cover to be useful and hold up over time, it should be sturdy and washable. Select a cotton fabric that can be thrown in the washing machine when it gets dirty.
  2. Prewash the fabric. To ensure the colors don't bleed and the fabric won't shrink, wash the fabric before making the shopping cart cover.
  3. Measure the shopping cart. Shopping carts vary in size. Next time you visit the grocery store, measure the child seat area of the shopping cart for correct measurements. Be sure to include enough overlap so the handle of the shopping cart is covered and the cover extends over the back and edges of the child seat in the cart.
  4. Lay out the fabric. With the fabric flat on on a table, make sure it is doubled in thickness as when you bought it. Do not open it up. Cut it to the correct size. Either use the measurements listed above, 24 by 30 inches, or measurements that fit your specific shopping cart.
  5. Cut leg holes. On the edge of the fabric that is doubled, cut two half circle holes. Use a medium serving bowl (about seven or eight inches at the widest spot) placed on the doubled edge of the fabric so the bowl is half on and half off the fabric. Trace around the bowl portion that is on the fabric, making two half moon shapes that will be leg holes for your child. Cut the fabric.
  6. Hem the leg holes. Turn the fabric in at the edges to hem the leg holes ensuring the fabric faces the wrong side of the shopping cart cover.
  7. Turn the fabric so the right sides touch. You will flip the shopping cart cover after it is sewn so be sure it is flipped so the right sides are inside touching each other.
  8. Sew the side and back seams. Begin on one side and sew the sides using a 5/8 inch seam. Sew the back seam leaving at least six inches open to turn the fabric.
  9. Turn the fabric and close the seam. Turn the fabric so the shopping cart cover is right side out. Use a straight pin and carefully pull the fabric in the corners out. Carefully fold in the fabric where the opening is and top stitch on the sewing machine or hand-sew the opening closed.
  10. Embellish the shopping cart cover. If you want to embellish the cover, add trim, lace or bias tape around the edge by top stitching it in place.
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