How To Make A Simple Bow And Arrow

If you are either a bowhunter, or someone that is interested in woodcraft you might like to learn how to make a simple bow. Using something that you made with your own two hands can sometimes be more satisfying than having the top-of-the-line product that you simply bought in a store.  Making a simple bow at home is not difficult, and using the homemade bow for target practice, or hunting will bring you hours of joy.

To learn how to make a bow and arrow in the wild, you will need:

  • a serrated blade, that can be found on a typical penknife.
  • 5 foot long dowl, or straight sapling.
  • a bow string.
  • Grip tape, the kind you use for tennis rackets.
  1. Choose the correct wood to make your own simple bow.  Make sure that you choose the correct wood for your bow. Good choices for wood for your bow include: elm, apple, hickory, or yew. You can either purchase a 5 foot long dowl from your local home center, or you can find a suitable sapling near your house.
  2. Cut a shallow grove at one end of the sapling you will use to make your own bow and arrow in the wild. This groove should be completely around the circumference of the end of your bow stave. Make sure that your groove is around one inch from the edge of the sapling, or dowl. Make sure that the groove is deep enough to secure a bowstring without having the bow string slip out of the groove.
  3. Use a bow string that is about 8 inches shorter than your sapling to make your own simple bow. You can find a bow string at your local sporting goods store. Tie the bow string to the end of the dowl or sapling without the groove. Tie the other end of the bow string into a slipknot and flex bow stave to slip the slipknot into the groove. Pull back on the bow string a few times to test the bow.
  4. Make a slip-proof handle for your simple bow. Wrap many layers of grip tape where you will hold the bow. Try to build a little ledge with the grip tape so the arrow can rest on it when you pull the bow string back.
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