How To Make Sims Faint

Have you ever wondered how you can make Sims faint? There are several ways you can do this and you don't even need cheat codes! Read through the steps below to learn how to get your Sim to pass-out on command. These techniques can be used on both PC games or on Sims games for consoles like XBox, Playstation or even on handheld consoles like the PS3.

  1. Tire them to the point of exhaustion. The first way you can get your Sim to faint is to wear them out buy doing activities. When a Sim's energy bar turns red (meaning they have nearly no energy left) they will faint, no matter where they are. They'll fall asleep while standing up, pass-out on the toilet or they may just fall to the ground and collapse.
  2. Create a 'cowardly' Sim. When you create your Sim, make sure that cowardly is a personality trait. Cowardly Sims will faint when they're frightened. To get the Sim to faint, direct it into a stressful situation, like a fire. You can even set it up so that a burglar will cause the cowardly Sim to faint. These types of Sims may also faint when they see another Sim die in front of them.
  3. Bore your Sim until it faints. When you create a Sim without a 'sense of humor' trait it will become bored when another Sim tries to make it laugh. Engage this Sim in a conversation with another Sim. When the funny Sim tries to joke around with your Sim who doesn't have a sense of humor, it will simply pass-out from pure boredom.
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