How To Make Single Player Maps Doom 3

How to make single player maps for “Doom 3” requires a map generator and some time to explore your creative side. “Doom 3” enthusiasts have developed modification programs to develop your own maps. Mapping in “Doom 3” allows you to create your own platform and position monsters where you like. It is an innovative and fin idea to take “Doom 3” to a new level. The whole gamer involvement is raised to new levels and allows freedom of expression and more in-game fun time.

What you will need for this:

  • Doom 3 for PC
  • Computer
  • Internet
  • Some software savvy
  • Imagination and love for the game
  1. Where you get your modification for single player mapping in “Doom 3” is really up to you. Recommendation is to check out the following mapping ".zip" entitled simply “Doom III Custom made single-player map.” This program is located at the File Front website, which is a trusted mirror site for gaming downloads.
  2. To get you hands on this program at File Front either search through a browser or within File Front itself. The download is a simple point and click. On the main page for this program towards the middle of the page you will see "Download Doom III Custom made single-player map" click the underlined words. You will be taken to a "" page with the option to "download now." A new window will appear (enable pop-ups) and you will be asked to run or save the file. Save the file to your desktop.
  3. Next, unzip the file and extract all to "doom 3/base/maps folder." That’s it, simple. Now, bring up “Doom 3” and in game select "Ctrl-Alt-~" to open the console and type in "map map1." This will initiate the mapping tool for single player.
  4. The creating is simple. The program is a Window’s based application with simple instruction through pull down menus. Select "edit" and "new map" to get started. Once you have done this the application will have obstacles etc. for you to select and create walls for rooms and hallways. You can add monsters as you see fit with the simple menu interface. There is also an in game tutorial to guide you along but it really isn’t necessary.


  • This simple yet effective applications freeware and comes with a "readme’" file for your review. It really is a simplistic step-by-step map building environment.
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