How To Make Sioux Hunting Weapons

Want to know how to make Sioux hunting weapons? Well, history can tell us that. Sioux weapons were mainly bow and arrow. The Sioux Indians hunted many animals, including bears and other large beasts. When hunting these animals, the best weapons were ones which could be used at some distance. And, there was more thought put into weaponry than most would think.

  1. The most popular bow used was the double curved variety. The length of the bow was the length of the archer's arm. The arm was measured from the tip of the finger to the outside hip at the joint. This is as the arm is stretched out parallel with the ground.
  2. The bow was made of green ash. In this instance, unlike most other Native American bows, the bow was not backed with animal sinew. The Shaft was made simply by cleaning and bending the wood removed from the Ash tree.
  3. The arrow was also made from green ash. The arrow shaft itself was measured from the tip of the fingers to the elbow. Usually shafts were used from the thin branches which were cleaned and straightened.
  4. The Sioux people mostly utilized stone, bone and sinew for the construction of the arrowheads.  Sometimes steel was used for a stronger tip on the arrowhead. The Dakota Sioux often banded their arrows with red and blue stripes.
There was pride in the creation of the Sioux weapons. The Natives not only made weapons with the thought of finding nourishment for their families. Prayers were given while they constructed their hunting tools. The making of Sioux weapons was a simple but highly thought out task, that not only brought them food but also unity.
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