How To Make Skateboard Bearings Faster

Need to know how to make your skateboard bearings faster? If your skateboard is slow, you probably need to clean your bearings. Follow these instructions and you'll be zooming again in no time.

To clean your skateboard bearings you will need:

  • A ratchet wrench or skate tool
  • A cotton cloth
  • Skateboard bearing lubricant
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Two disposable containers for immersion
  1. Remove your skateboard wheels and bearings. You'll need a ratchet wrench or skate tool to remove the nut that holds each wheel in place (be careful not to lose the nuts). Then, use the edge of your axle to gently pry the bearings out of your wheels. 
  2. Immerse the bearings in rubbing alcohol for a few minutes. Immersing your skateboard bearings in rubbing alcohol for about five minutes removes dirt, grease and grit. When you take your bearings out of the solution, spin them until they're dry and double check that they're clean.
  3. Lubricate your bearings with a silicone-based lubricant. Non-silicone-based lubricants will harm your skateboard bearings. Pick up skateboard bearing lubricant at a skateboard shop. Fill your second disposable container with the lubricant and immerse your bearings for about five minutes.
  4. Remove excess lubricant from your skateboard bearings. Wipe your bearings thoroughly with a cotton cloth, then put then aside for a couple of hours to allow excess bearing lubricant to drip out of your skateboard bearings.
  5. Reassemble your skateboard. Pop the bearings back into your skateboard wheels and reattach your wheels to your trucks.
  6. Ride away! Your skateboard bearings should now be faster and quieter.


Fix Slow Skateboard Wheels

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