How To Make Skateboard Wheels Smaller

Need to know how to make skateboard wheels smaller? Learning how to make the wheels on your skateboard smaller is a process that can require some finesse on your part. However, the process is not too hard, and does not take much of your time. The following tips will help you make your skateboard wheels smaller.

To make your skateboard wheels smaller, you will need:

  • Skateboard wheels
  • An electric sander, such as a belt sander
  • Coarse sandpaper
  • Fine sandpaper
  1. First, remove the wheels that you want to reshape from their respective axles. Look closely at them to see their shape (how rounded their bottoms are).
  2. Turn on an electric sander and hold the wheels up to it. Make them smaller, but also try to maintain the original shape of curvature. Try to use caution, as holding one side of any wheel on the sander too long may remove too much of the wheel.
  3. Use coarse sandpaper on each wheel for a few minutes. Do this once all the wheels have been made smaller and you have used the electric sander to make them as even as possible. Using the sandpaper will make the wheels smoother and rounder.
  4. Next, use fine grain sandpaper on the wheels. This will get rid of even small blemishes on the reshaped wheels. Even if the wheels are void of any disfiguration at this point, using fine sandpaper on them is imperative, as it gets them smooth and makes them roll better. Once you are satisfied, reattach the wheels to the board.

Learning how to make skateboard wheels smaller is not too hard, but it does require using caution. When doing this, be careful. It is not hard to cut too deeply into the wheels you are reshaping when using an electric sander.

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