How To Make Skateboard Wheels

Do you want to learn how to make skateboard wheels>? A skateboard needs specific wheels to make the board go and function such as a skateboard should. Making the wheels is done in a factory and specifics go into each make of a skateboard wheel. 

Things needed to make a skateboard wheel:

  • Polyurethane components (two)
  • Conveyor system
  • Photo-etched print plate
  • Paint pigment
  • Packaging
  • Trays
  • Metered machines
  • Aluminum molds
  1. Melting the polyurethrane. Polyurethrane components are mixed within a certain numbered ratio liquid. When mixed the elevated temperatures create the liquid.
  2. Adding  paint pigment. The  paint pigment pigment is added and the mixture is placed into the aluminum molds. High quality urethrane needs to be heated over again. High quality is more difficult to harden so reheating helps it to harden properly.
  3. Removing the wheel. The wheels need to be removed by worker’s hands and placed on trays to be cured. This process consists of many wheels in molds being cured at the same time as a conveyor system can produce at least 300 wheels per hour.
  4. Shaping the wheel. A blade creating the sidewalls and tread shapes shaping the Wheel the new wheel, which is cut into the wheel, creating the riding surface of the wheel.
  5. Decoration of the wheel .The wheel becomes decorated by an image automated process. A silicone inked printing plate transfers the image to the ready and waiting wheels. Each color needs a different pad incorporating the image from the plate. The pad is located on a plate. After the wheel is finished with the image it is package for shipping to its new owner.

The skateboard wheel remains one of the most important parts of the skateboard. The wheel can be different colors with different personalities. Creating and the skateboard with an individual wheel makes creating the skateboard fun and memorable.

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