How To Make A Skater Halloween Costume

Learning how to make a skater Halloween costume can be easier than you think, especially if you are comfortable indulging in the stereotypical fashion often featured on Skaters at your local park.  While many skaters would argue that at least half of the Halloween costume would be attitude, here are some quick and easy steps to making a believable Skater costume for your next Halloween:

  1. Choosing the right jeans. if you want your Halloween costume to be believable, you need to obtain a pair of baggy jeans or haphazardly cut-off denim shorts that end at or just below your knees. The more ragged and faded the better. Skaters take a lot of falls, after all.
  2. The Baggy T-Shirt. Band shirts are especially appropriate, but anything featuring a rebellious or witty message or a faded printing of a popular TV show or movie is acceptable. Again, the more ragged and faded, the better.
  3. Wrist Guards. Essentially anything that wraps around both of your wrists will work for this Halloween costume. Since many tricks involve supporting the Skater’s weight with one hand, most amateur and pro Skaters wear wrist guards often studded or otherwise embellished, especially in the case of amateurs.
  4. Sneakers. This accessory is really non-negotiable, as Skaters almost always wear sneakers to practice their sport. The flatter the sole, the better this helps facilitate traction with the skateboard.
  5. The Skateboard. Although this accessory might be considered mandatory by some Skater-costume enthusiasts, it is possible to accurately convey the Skater persona without purchasing a skateboard. However, if you decide to obtain this accessory, it is similar to most of the clothing elements of this costume: the more well-used and broken-down a skateboard, the better. If possible, make sure your skateboard is decorated with edgy stickers.
  6. Protective Gear. While many amateur Skaters consider these to be optional when engaging in the sport, Pros and safety experts agree that the proper protective gear should always be employed. This includes a helmet, knee and elbow pads, and often both wrist guards and gloves. Consider these accessories a fantastic way to show your support of adequate protection for Skaters!
  7. Fingerless Gloves. You really can’t go wrong here, whether you purchase authentic sports gloves or cut the fingers off a pair of knit winter gloves. As an added bonus, you have the functionality of your fingers for the entirety of the Halloween!
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