How To Make A Skimboard

Learning how to make a skimboard is not too difficult a process. A few materials are needed to build one, as is a basic understanding of the operations of tools. The following steps will show you how to make a skimboard.

Materials needed to make a skimboard:

  • Sheet of plywood 3/8 inches thick
  • Saw (preferably a table or electric hand saw)
  • Pencil
  • Sand paper or electric sander
  • Paint
  1. Purchase or find all of the necessary materials. The paint used should be wood paint and  may be in any color (or colors) of your choosing.
  2. Cut the board out of the sheet of plywood. Shapes may vary, but overall skimboards have the same general profiles. Trace the symmetric shape onto the plywood and cut it out.
  3. Sand the board very well. Get both sides and even the edges. Be careful if using a belt sander, as this can actually make indentations in the wood of the board. Even after using an electric sander, it can be a good idea to sand the board with fine grain sand paper to give it a softer, smoother touch.
  4. After the skimboard has been sanded very well, blow off any extra saw dust and paint the board whatever colors you choose. Once the paint is dry, the skimboard may be put to use.

Learning how to make a skimboard is not very hard, but it will require you to employ basic shop techniques and the process can test your understanding of tools. Even when done carefully, a skimboard can be made in about an hour's time.

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