How To Make Skittles Infused Vodka

Learn how to make Skittles infused Vodka and create an instant party with cocktails. Skittles are small bite sized fruit flavored candies that come in 5 flavors. There are now several types of Skittles to choose from including original fruit, sour, tropical, wild berry, and crazy cores that can turn ordinary Vodka into extraordinary Vodka.

To make Skittles infused Vodka, you will need:

  • Vodka
  • Skittles
  • 5 – 8.5 ounce Flask Bottles with tight lids
  • Funnel
  • Coffee Filters


  1. Prepare the flask bottles. Wash the bottles and lids in hot soapy water and rinse in very hot water. Air dry the bottles with the lids off. The easiest way to prepare the flask bottles is to wash them in the dishwasher. The heated dry cycle will sterilize and dry the bottles.
  2. Prepare the skittles. Separate the Skittles into flavors. This is easy because each Skittles flavor is a different color. You will need 60 Skittles for each flask bottle.
  3. Infuse the Vodka. Pour ½ cup Vodka into each flask bottle. Add a flavor of Skittles to each flask bottle. Repeat until each flavor of Skittles is added to a separate flask bottle. Fill the flask to the top with more Vodka. Close the lid and shake the flask until the Vodka turns the color of the Skittles inside. Let the Skittles infused Vodka sit overnight in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight.
  4. Strain the Skittles infused Vodka. Place a coffee filter or paper towel inside a funnel. Hold the funnel over a clean container or measuring cup and slowly pour the Skittles infuse Vodka into the funnel to strain it. Pour the strained Skittles infused Vodka back into the flask bottle. Repeat for each flavor of Skittles infused Vodka. Chill in the freezer before serving.

Tips: Make a funnel with a sheet of regular paper rolled into a cone. Insert the funnel into the bottle mouth and slowly add the Skittles to the flask bottle. When straining the Skittles infused Vodka, pour slowly because the Vodka will drain slowly through the coffee filter or paper towel.

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