How To Make Skittles Vodka

If you need new reasons to enjoy your libations, then you should learn how to make Skittles vodka. This colorful concoction is deliciously sweet, yet almost pure vodka. It is easy to throw together and makes a great party favor.

To make Skittles vodka, you will need:

  • A half pint bottle of decent vodka
  • 80 Skittles (all the same color)
  • Strainer with handle
  • Coffee filter
  • Pitcher
  • Empty, clear bottle with lid large enough to hold one pint
  1. Preparation. Select a decent vodka since you are only using a small amount. Cheap vodka coupled with Skittles creates a foul taste similar to children’s cough syrup. Plus, with all the sugar you are adding to the vodka, it is almost a guaranteed hangover if you use the cheap stuff. This recipe only calls for a small amount of Skittles so after you sort out your favorite color, feel free to eat the rest.
  2. Mixer. In a clean, clear bottle add your 80 Skittles. Pour the vodka over this and put on the cap. Shake furiously, like it owes you money.  
  3. The wait. To make Skittles vodka, you do need a little patience. I know all that sugar has you hopped up and ready to party, but this will need to steep overnight. Feel free to shake the Skittles every now and then.
  4. Strain. After a night of patiently waiting, the Skittles should be pretty much dissolved into the vodka. See all that funky white crud up top? We need to get rid of it. So take your strainer, put a coffee filter in it and place that over your pitcher. Now, slowly pour the vodka through it. Throw away the coffee filter, replace it with a new one and do it again. The vodka should strain quicker but if it still seems thick, feel free to do it again. After it is strained, pour it back into the vodka bottle or any other decorative bottle you choose.
  5. Alchemy. Cut it with Dr. Pepper and a squirt of lemon. Not bad at all. You can also create Skittle vodka poppers. Add 7-up, Skittle vodka to a shot glass, cover, slam and shoot the pretty foam. Putting the Skittle vodka in your freezer overnight is also a nice way to enjoy this colorful concoction.


  • If you understand the power of math, you can easily multiply this recipe to suit your needs. The general rule of thumb is ten Skittles per ounce of vodka.
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