How To Make A Sleeping Bag

Learn about how to make a sleeping bag so you can have your own custom-made bed for camping. Sleeping bags make camping out a little more comfortable. If you want a unique sleeping bag for whatever reason, be it size or design, making your own will get you just what you want.

To make a sleeping bag, you will need:

  • Two queen size bed sheets
  • One queen size blanket
  • Velcro
  • Sewing machine
  • Notions:  scissors, thread
  1. Decide what size to make the sleeping bag. For a regular adult size sleeping bag, using queen size sheets and blanket will work. If you want to make the sleeping bag smaller, use twin size linens. For a larger sleeping bag, use king size sheets and blanket.
  2. Decide on the design. By making your own sleeping bag, you can use sheets in a design that you like. Check out matching new sheets or shop at thrift stores to mix and match by using two different sheet designs for the sleeping bag.
  3. Lay out the linens. Set one flat sheet on the floor or on a table if you have one large enough. Be sure the right side (the finished or "pretty" side) of the sheet is facing down. Set the blanket on top of the sheet so it is touching the wrong side of the sheet. Set the second flat sheet on top of the blanket with the wrong side down and the right side facing up. You will have a blanket sandwiched between two sheets.
  4. Fold under the edges. Carefully work your way around the linens folding in the edges of one of the sheets. Use the edge of the other sheet to overlap and form a trim around the sleeping bag. Pin the edges in place to hold them until you sew the sleeping bag.
  5. Sew the sleeping bag. Use a sewing machine to sew the three layers together to form the sleeping bag. If desired, top stitch a design or lines across the length of the sleeping bag to keep the layers together as is done on a quilt. Work from the inside out to the edges to reduce puckering of the fabric.
  6. Affix Velcro around the sleeping bag. Fold the sleeping bag in half as if you were going to Starting from one end, pin the Velcro in place by separating the Velcro and pinning one side of the Velcro to each inside edge of the sleeping bag in a way so that when the sleeping bag is closed, the Velcro will stick and secure the sleeping bag. Sew the Velcro in place.
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