How To Make A Small Bedroom Look Bigger

If you're feeling crammed, you should learn how to make a small bedroom look bigger. You can make a small bedroom look bigger with these design tips. Sometimes we live with small spaces by choice and other times, that's just what we have. Make the most of a small bedroom by arranging the furniture and using creativity to make it look bigger.

To make a small bedroom look bigger, you will need:

  • Light shade of paint
  • Smaller furniture
  • Mirror
  1. Paint the small bedroom. Use a light shade of paint to make the walls expand in a small bedroom. Lighter colors reflect light and make a space look larger.
  2. Use smaller scale furniture. Save the large pieces for a larger room. Use a few pieces of smaller furniture in a small bedroom. If possible, use a twin bed or a double bed in a small bedroom. Bunk beds are a space-saving option for a small room. Bunk bed use vertical space rather than floor space to make the room look bigger.
  3. Add a mirror to the wall. Place a mirror across from a window to reflect the natural light that comes into the small bedroom. This technique will make the room look bigger.
  4. Arrange furniture in interesting angles. Get creative and spread the furniture in a small bedroom out so it doesn't appear to be clustered together.
  5. Keep the color in one family. Use all of one color or shades of the same color for the wall's paint color, bed linens, and drapes to keep the small bedroom looking as large as possible. Contrasting colors break up the visual lines, whereas one color tone lets the eye move seamlessly from one element to the next.
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