How To Make A Small Hand Wood Plane

Learning how to make a small hand wood plane is fairly easy, but it requires some finesse. The right materials must be used, and certain tools need to be utilized, but in spending some time on it, a nice hand held plane can result from your endeavors.

You will need the following:

  • Balsa wood sheets (at least one foot long by a four inches wide)
  • Soft model clay
  • Wood glue
  • X-acto Knife


  1. First, buy all of the supplies. They should be available at any arts and crafts supply store.
  2. Next, cut two identical frames for your airplane out of two sheets of balsa (or one, if large enough). These frames should be twelve inches long, one inch wide, except for the back three inches, which has a plane's tail shape, about three inches tall on top of the one inch wide frame. It is important that the tail is cut out with the actual body of the plane, and not glued on separately, later.
  3. Glue the two identical frames together. The tail should then have the thickness of two sheets of balsa wood.
  4. Cut out the main wing. It should be rectangularly shaped, at twelve inches by three inches. Then, cut the back tail. It should be rectangular, and six inches by two inches.
  5. In the middle of the body of the plane, cut a slit that is as long and thick as the width and the thin height (width of the sheet of balsa wood). Do the same under the tail at the back of the body of the plane.
  6. Slide the two wings into their respective slits, and glue them in place. Make sure that they are pulled through evenly, and not lopsided.
  7. With a little bit of modeling clay, make a nose for the plane. Press, starting with a small amount, a little bit of clay around the nose.
  8. Test the plane. If it seems like the nose needs more weight, add a little more clay. Do this, and keep testing it, until it flies well.

Learning how to make a small hand wood plane is not very hard, but it can take some time and finesse. Once you have built one, however, you can have a blast putting it to use.

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