How To Make Snow Shoes

Are you trying to save money and want to know how to make snow shoes? If you like hiking or like being outdoors during those winter snow days, snow shoes will help you to walk easier in deep snow and can keep you from getting so tired quickly from walking. Snow shoes keep your legs and feet from constantly sinking deep into the snow, and thus can prevent you from getting frostbite. Using snow shoes in deep snow is a must, and you can follow these steps to learn how to make your own snow shoes.

To make snow shoes you need:

  • rope or twine
  • branches
  • twigs
  • knife
  1. Cut down a couple small trees with branches. Make sure the lower trunk is not too big; it should not be more than a couple inches around. Search the trees to see if you can find a supple, green wood that is bendable, but will not snap. Test to see if it will snap by bending the wood toward the ground and see if it will snap when it is formed into a loop.
  2. Take some branches off of the trees. Once you've stripped some branches, cut about a 4-foot length of the trunk. The size that you make the snow shoe frame should depend upon your body type. For example, if a person weights 150 lbs or less the frame size average would be 12x 42 inches. A person that weighs 150 -200 lbs should make the snow shoe about two inches bigger each way. If someone weighs more than 200 pounds, just keep adding a half inch to an inch at a time until you are comfortable with the size and fit of the frame.
  3. Bend and shape the trunk. Carefully bend the trunk into an oval or circle, and then tie the ends together. Form an "X" shape by looping the rope or twine around the ends, and then loop the rope or twine around the center of the "X." Make sure the ends don't come undone by testing them out, and if they are a little loose, redo the rope to make tighter.
  4. Add additional branch pieces. To support the snow shoe, add cross pieces. The place that your foot will rest on the snow shoe is where you tie a branch or two. Then, add a couple more evenly spaced branch pieces towards the rear end of the snow shoe.
  5. Create webbing on the snow shoes. For even more support, weave small branch pieces throughout the three branch cross pieces. Do this process until the branches are filled in enough to hold each other securely in place.
  6. Make bindings for your foot. Place the ball of your foot on the main cross piece area, and then for security, tie the snow shoe throughout the laces on your boot. This will keep your snow shoe on securely in place for those cold, snowy days.
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