How To Make Soap

Are you wondering how to make soap?  Soap can be made from animal fat or oils such as coconut. Buying pounds or tons of already cured coconut oil results in the safest way to make soap to use due to hormones being injected into animals, not to mention illness in an animal.

Items needed:

  • soap (4 ounces)
  • soap mold
  • a thin bladed knife
  • optional – food coloring, scents, herbs, oils
  1. Cured coconut oil soap base comes scored for easy measurement to make soap. Use a utility knife to cut four ounces from the block. This is the standard size of a bar of soap.
  2. Use a pot or microwave to heat the soap base. If microwaving the four ounces, place in a safe container for up to 40 seconds on high. Exact time will vary depending on the microwave. If using a pot, place over a medium heat. Stir occasionally until the consistency is a pourable liquid.
  3. Add color, scent, or herbs to make soap. Add whatever materials you want your soap to contain immediately after removing from heat. The soap will start to harden fast so you need to be prepared with your ingredients in advance.
  4. Place your liquid soap mixture in the soap mold. You can purchase soap molds on line, in craft stores or use a thick gauge plastic square to create your own mold to make soap.
  5. Place your soap mold in the freezer. Flash freezing the hot soap will help the mold to retain its use longer. Flash freezing will also help the soap set faster.
  6. Remove the soap mold from freezer and allow the soap to fully harden. Cover your soap mold with a paper towel so dust will not get in the soap while it is drying. Allow to dry a few hours.
  7. Take the soap out of the mold. This part is trial and error with choosing the correct knife to create the air for the soap to slide out. Use a thin bladed knife to separate the soap from the mold, sliding the knife around the entire outside of the soap. Be careful so the knife does not slip and cut a hand or finger.

You have just made soap!



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