How To Make A Soccer Ball From Fabric

Soccer Balls, like the ones used in the FIFA world cup are usually made out of something more durable than fabric, but either way you can still make a soccer ball from fabric. This technique saves you money, but you must be willing to put in some time and effort to make a soccer ball from fabric. Here are a few steps to follow to make a soccer ball from fabric.

To make a soccer ball from fabric, you will need:
  • Any type of fabric
  • A needle and thread
  • Polyester fiber filling
  • Foam
  1. Decide on fabric and size. If you intend on actually using your soccer ball to play with then you should use a strong fabric. Pick something similar to the material used for bead spreads so that your soccer ball can last longer. Also decide on how big you want your soccer ball to be. The standard size for a soccer ball that is used for people twelve years and older is twenty-seven to twenty-eight inches. For an average size soccer ball make sure that the circumference all around is at least twenty-seven inches long.
  2. Start Sewing. Once you have cut out the fabric, and decided on the dimensions begin sewing. The fabric should be sewn in a way that leaves a corner open for stuffing. There should be minimal space between each point of entry and exit that the needle makes. If you sew using large gaps this will cause the ball to fall apart easily. Do not worry if it does not really look like a soccer ball now, the stuffing will help with this dilemma.
  3. Stuffing. Once done sewing use the polyester fiber filling, and foam to stuff the ball. Make sure that you stuff it so that it is tight and hard. Once you are done stuffing it sew up the corner that was left open.
Your ball is finally done, feel free to decorate it with whatever you wish. Go ahead and challenge your friends to a game of soccer. If you are in need of a replacement ball, you always know where to go to learn how to make a soccer ball from fabric.
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