How To Make A Soccer Ball

If you’re in the mood for a game of soccer but don’t have a ball, then read on to learn how to make a soccer ball. Soccer or football is very popular through out the world. The game is very popular in underdeveloped countries because of the lack of equipment you need to play. While soccer balls available in stores are made using special materials and on large machines, you can also make a much more simple soccer ball from common items.

Items needed to make a soccer ball:

  • A condom (non-lubricated is recommended)
  • Material (enough to cover a soccer ball)
  • Lots of yarn


  1. Inflate the condom. You want it to be slightly smaller than the size of a standard soccer ball.
  2. Secure the condom. To do this Tied the end of the condom. Next tie the area with a piece of yarn to make it more secure.
  3. Wrap the condom with the material. It is best to use a thin or light weight material so the ball isn’t weighted down.
  4. Wrap the ball with yarn. You will want to cover the ball with at least two layers of yarn. If the yarn you are using ends before you are done then just tie it off. Then when you add a new piece of yarn tie this to an existing section. When you are done wrapping the ball be sure to tie off the yarn.

Tip: If you want to help protect the ball then you can spray it with spray waterproofing that you can find at most shoe stores.

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