How To Make A Soccer Team Banner

Learning how to make a soccer team banner can be a fun way to show support for a favorite team. Many times banners can be homemade or they can be ordered through companies that specialize in banner designing. Designing banner can be time consuming so follow these simple steps for creating a kick butt banner design.

  1. Pick out a size appropriate to take to the stadium or playing field. Most stadiums have limitations to the size of signs (some don’t allow any). It’s important to check what the limitations are before starting.
  2. Find someone that is artistically inclined. The idea is to make it look as good as possible so it’s vital to find someone or a company that can do good quality work.
  3. Find out the teams' colors and logos. Most fans design banners that show their loyalty to a particular team. In order to do this the fan must know what colors to go with.
  4. From there it can be customized based on what the fan wants to incorporate. Here are several suggestions though. If the banner is contains words, make the words big enough so many can read it. Also make sure not to place words that would harm or offend anyone.
  5. Bring out some personality in the banner. Design the banner with the team’s personality in mind. Say it was an American fan designing a banner. They could put U.S.A. on it then have the stars and stripes, or the Statue of Liberty. The point is to bring out the identity of the fan and the team. The more creative the banners the better the finished product is.

The point of banners is to have pride in a fan’s favorite team. By following these simple rules, fans can create banners that they and fellow fans can take pride in.

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