How To Make A Softball Fly Farther

Need to know how to make a softball fly farther? Whether you are playing on a little league team, in high school, in college, at church, or just a sand lot game with the guys, everyone wants to know the secret of making a softball fly farther. There are some legitimate, as well as some not-so-legitimate, ways to improve the distance off of your bat. If you don't mind a little hard work, or if you don't mind cheating a little, here are some proven ways to make a softball fly farther. For the honest sportsman, better technique is the only method to use. Though there are many different types of softballs on the market that are designed to go farther when hit, many leagues have certain requirements that specify the type of ball that may be used. Therefore, the technique of the batter is the key to making the softball travel farther. The following are the three most important components of your technique.

  1. Get in the proper batting stance. Always have your feet approximately shoulder length apart, with your knees slightly bent.
  2. Use correct weight distribution. After you have gotten into your proper batting stance, be sure that you have your weight distributed on your back leg. You will transfer this weight to the front leg during your swing.
  3. The proper swing is the number-one component of your technique to ensure that you make the softball fly farther. You must take a level swing at the softball to ensure that you maximize you distance. If you swing down on the ball it will drive the ball into the ground, and if you swing up on the ball, you will pop the ball up.
  4. For the not-so-honest competitor, the "microwave softball" is a proven way to make the ball fly farther. This is a method used mostly in leagues that do not have strict guidelines or have authorities that do not monitor the rules very closely. This is not a very safe method to use. After a softball has been microwaved for approximately five minutes, the core becomes extremely hard, and this reduces the compression when it is struck by the bat. This makes the ball come off of the bat quicker, which in turn makes the softball fly farther.
  5. Another method commonly used to make a softball fly farther is a loaded bat. This is also an illegal and unsafe method, but it's a proven way to maximize your distance. The end of the bat is typically the section that is loaded. The tip is removed and the cylinder is filled with various materials to increase the weight of the bat as well as decrease the compression of the bat when it strikes the ball. This will increase the flight of the softball.
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