How To Make Someone Love You Forever In 90 Minutes

It's pretty easy to learn how to make someone love you forever in 90 minutes. Some people are very good at knowing how to make a unique and positive first impression within minutes. However, some people need help. Many tips are plain common sense, and many may be tips that you have used yourself or seen used in person.

  1. Keep them laughing. Not everyone has the ability to tell funny jokes or stories, so it is a characteristic that is appreciated. Be sure not to tell jokes that are off-color or can be construed as offensive. Make the intended feel good and those smiles will let you know that you are well on the way of making them love you, even in 90 minutes.
  2. Be respectful and attentive. It should be easy to give all of your concentration to the intended for 90 minutes to make them fall in love with you. Use your manners, look people in the eye, and pay attention. No one wants to fall in love with an ogre. Don't forget to say please and thank-you.
  3. Give sincere complements. Everyone loves to receive a complement. You don't have much time, only 90 minutes, so be sure to get in a good complement within the first ten minutes. Complement what the person is wearing, their intelligence, or their beauty. However, beware of giving too many complements. Be sure to read the face of the intended for cues. Too many complements may switch you out of the lover category into the weirdo category. You want the person to fall in love with you, not to get a restraining order against you.
  4. For 90 minutes, put your best foot forward. Tell stories or give examples of your good character traits. Talk about volunteer work, your accomplishments, or future goals. Time is of the essence so be sure to give hints that your goals and who you are as a person is complementary to the person you want to make fall in love with you.
  5. Ask questions and show that you are interested. You can get answers to a lot of questions in 90 minutes. Ask the person questions about themselves and their goals. Lean forward when you talk to them, smile and laugh occasionally. No one wants to be permanently linked to an egotistical, self-absorbed character. People want someone who will be interested in them.
  6. Ask if they are ok. 90 minutes is a long time to be in someone's company and is an adequate amount of time to make someone fall in love with you. If you have ever dined at good restaurant, your waiter probably asked you several times during the meal if you were ok. Ask the person who you want to love you forever if they are ok and if there is anything they need. This indicates that you care about their well being and that you will make sure they are taken care of after they fall in love with you.
  7. Find out what is important to them and let them know if it is important to you. What is it that makes the person you are communicating with "tick"? It could be family, money, contributing to the community, travelling, sports, education, etc. In 90 minutes, it should be easy to find some common ground between you and the person you want to make love you forever. People like to spend time with others who have the same interests. Remember, you only have ninety minutes, so try to cover the most important topics first.
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