How To Make A Sony Mavica Take Infrared Pictures

Learning how to make a Sony Mavica take infrared pictures can be a challenging process. First you will need to determine the model of your camera before learning how to make a Sony Mavica take infrared pictures. Many newer models of the Sony Mavica do not come with infrared functionality and therefore require costly and even risky modifications to take infrared photography. Infrared photography has been discontinued by many different camera manufacturers due to personal privacy issues. Learning how to make a Sony Mavica take infrared pictures will be a much easier process if you own the MVC-CD500, as this model Sony Mavica is capable of taking infrared pictures without any modification.

  1. Determine model of your camera. Determine the model of your Sony Mavica by looking at the user manual. Alternatively you can locate the model by turning the camera on and checking the information menu. Owners of the Sony Mavica MVC-CD500 should proceed with this article. Check the last step in the article if you own a different model of Sony Mavica and wish to take infrared pictures.
  2. Set the ISO to 100. Press the menu button to launch the menu. Select settings and look for ISO. Change the ISO value to 100 and exit out of the settings menu.
  3. Switch to infrared mode. Change the photo mode to infrared using the button located on the top of the MVC-CD500.
  4. Take pictures. Take pictures using the Sony Mavica which is now ready to take infrared pictures. Always keep the Sony Mavica ISO set to 100 and leave the camera in infrared mode to take infrared pictures.
  5. Modify the Sony Mavica. Modify your Sony Mavica or purchase an IR filter if you do not own the CD500. Other models of the Sony Mavica can take pictures however the modifications necessary will void your warranty and therefore are not recommended. Consult your cameras documentation to verify if it is capable of taking infrared pictures using either an IR72 or IR87 filter.

Remember, purchasing the proper IR filter will also enable many different models of the Sony Mavica to take infrared pictures.

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