How To Make Spanish Fly For Women

Have you ever wondered how to make Spanish fly for women? Spanish fly is a powerful aphrodisiac that was used by European nobility, including the infamous Marquis de Sade, for centuries to increase sexual desire and potency. The original Spanish fly is extracted from an emerald green beetle. The yellow-brown powder smells unpleasant, tastes bitter, and is highly toxic in anything but miniscule doses.  

To make Spanish fly for women, you will need:

  • 25 fluid ounces (750 milliliters) good brandy
  • 4 ounces Damiana herb
  • 2 ounces lemongrass
  • 4 cinnamon sticks, broken
  • 4 whole cloves
  • 1 cup honey
  • Cheesecloth
  • Large decanter
  1. Use a good brandy to make this potent aphrodisiac. Don't choose a top-shelf brandy, but instead go for one of good quality such as Christian Brothers, E & J or Korbel. Measure the brandy and pour it into the decanter.
  2. Add the Damiana herb to the brandy and stir. Damiana is a potent aphrodisiac that can be obtained at health food stores or online. Of course, fresh herbs are best. However, if fresh herbs are not available, then a packaged supplement is acceptable.
  3. Add the lemongrass, cinnamon, and cloves to the brandy.  Don't forget to stir! The savory mixture of herbs will impart spicy flavors to the brandy, enhancing its aphrodisiac power.
  4. Finally, mix in the honey. The sweetness of the honey will complete the potent potion.
  5. Seal with a cork and allow your homemade Spanish fly to age for several hours or days. The aging process is vital due to the fact that it allows the flavors to fully develop and enhances the natural richness of the brandy.
  6. Strain with cheesecloth before serving in handsome brandy shifters. Cheers!



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