How To Make Spanking Sexy

Learning how to make spanking sexy can add an element to any dull relationship. While spanking may not seem sexy to some of our readers, it can become a favorite during foreplay and intercourse with a little practice and patience. If you’re ready to make spanking sexy, than take a look at the following list of things you’ll need to accomplish your goal.

To make spanking sexy, you will need the following items:

  • Time and patience
  • A willing participant
  • Open to being the spanker/spanked
  • Experimenting with your sexuality
  1. Mutual involvement. The first step to making spanking sexy is having a partner whose willing to experiment with different styles and scenarios of spanking to find what turns you both on. If your partner isn’t as crazy as you’d like them to be about spanking, than simply start out small. Begin with small taps, rubs, or light spanks to see how they react. If you’re not initially successful, then don’t give up. Instead, keep taking baby steps, unless your partner is completely against it. Also try talking to your partner about your interests in spanking while being receptive to their needs too.
  2. Instigator or the one acted upon? The next step to making spanking sexy, once you have a willing partner, is to use different roles in your spanking. Even if you enjoy being the one spanked, or taking control and spanking your partner, place yourself in both places to experience the feelings associated with both roles. If both you and your partner find roles in which you both enjoy, than you’ll be well on your way to making spanking sexy. If you both enjoy the same role, than make sure to trade up to make it fair for both you and your partner. If you or your partner is selfish, than spanking will become a point of conflict, not something both of you find sexy!
  3. Experiment. The final step to making spanking sexy is experimenting with spanking. These experiments can include changing up the way that you both spank, such as how hard you spank, how many hands/fingers you use, and being vocal with your partner while spanking. When spanking becomes a part of your foreplay, you can use vocal cues such as sighing or begging for more/harder to lead yourself down the road to intercourse. Even when you’ve achieved the ultimate pleasure of intercourse and possibly orgasm, spanking can still be a good way to show your affection towards your partner by rewarding their behind with some well-placed pats.

While spanking is a great way to explore you and your partner’s sexual desires, make sure not to spank your partner too hard. Nothing is more unpleasant than a bruised behind after an amazing night of sex. If you’re with someone who is well-experienced with spanking and doesn’t find it to be a huge turn-on, incorporate other elements into your spanking foreplay which may be more tailored towards their desires, like talking, kissing, biting, etc. Once you’ve found a willing partner and experiment with all kinds of different roles, you’ll be on your way to making spanking the sexiest part of your foreplay! 

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