How To Make Special Effects With A Video Camera

Learning how to make special effects with a video camera can be a fun process. Because we're all low budget directors and camera men in our own right, we don't have millions of dollars to spend making special effects with a video camera. No guys, our special effects created with a video camera will be born out of our respective abilities to be creative. And just how do we broke folks harness our creativity to produce special effects with a video camera? Check out some of these ideas. Maybe they'll help you get your brain working so that you can make special effects with a video camera.

  1. How to do floating objects. One of the most common special effects done with a video camera is the floating object. This particular effect looks really cool if you can be creative and disciplined enough to pull it off. Fishing line is your very best friend when it comes to producing the floating object effect. Some well placed fishing line and some patience can create some pretty cool effects. Check this one out for example. You'll need two people to help you. Take an object, and tie equal lengths of fishing line to both sides. Have your helpers lift the object by pulling the fishing lines until they're tight. Here's where the camera comes into play. Angle the shot so your helpers don't appear in the frame. Also, choose an angle that makes the fishing line less visible. Just play around with the video camera until you find the best shot. There are many other tricks you can pull off with the fishing line, the video camera, and your imagination.
  2. Simulating an Earthquake. Here's another simple special effect you can pull off with a video camera. If you want to pull this off, it'll just take some timing and a little practice from your actors. The camera man's job is easy. You just have to shake the camera in indiscriminate directions. You actors are the one's that have to sell the scene. Have them practice falling all over the place, knocking things off the walls, stuff like that.
  3. The floating person. This one is all about the camera angles. This is a very easy trick to sell. In actuality, the actor will be slowly pushing their body upward by pushing up with one of their feet. In order to make this particular special effect with your video camera, angle the shot so the the active foot can't be seen. Make sure that your actor keeps the other foot flat so it looks like they're lifting off the ground. Remember the camera angles are what'll sell the shot. If you angle the shot right, you could even shoot it from farther out.
  4. A fight scene. We're not talking about some run of the mill effects. We're thinking more along the lines of a poorman's "Matrix".This one takes a lot of creativity. You'll need to have a mastery of editing the footage you have. Without spelling it all out for you think about it like this. If your camera has a slow-mo mode, utilize it. Use a bunch of weird camera angles. And finally, cut, cut, and more cutting. You also need to shoot the scene from a boat load of varying angles. Then piece it all together like a puzzle. It'll take a lot of patience to put the scene together, but when you're done, they'll be the best special effects you can pull off with just a video camera. 
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