How To Make Sperm Come Out

Note that there is no magical remedy for how to make sperm come out. There are supplements and vitamins you can take to increase sperm volume, but you can’t just pop a pill or drink an herbal tea to get the sperm out of your more quickly. You will just have to do it the old fashioned way.

Things you'll need:

  • Willing partner and/or time and privacy for masturbation
  1. Stimulate the penis. To make sperm come out, you will first need to stimulate the penis so it is hard. In other words, you need an erection. Achieve this by touching or stroking the penis. It might help to have a sexual partner or erotic photographs to look at.
  2. Go a little faster. There are a couple different things you might be doing right now. The first option is to have intercourse. Stimulate the penis even more by moving in and out more quickly to make sperm come out faster. Your other option is to masturbate or have someone give you oral sex.
  3. Achieve orgasm. Once you achieve orgasm, the sperm should have been released; this is called ejaculation. Note that the faster you are able to stimulate the penis, the faster you will be able to achieve orgasm.

To make sperm come out, you will have to stimulate the penis and achieve orgasm the old fashioned way. The only thing that will help you is to stroke yourself–or have someone else do it–quickly if you want to have the sperm come out faster. But why would you want the fun to end so soon?