How To Make A Sports Car

Learning how to make a sports car is a fun activity for the speed demon in the family. In fact, it can be a great family activity. Of course, the one obstacle most hobbyists soon face is money. Thus, before working out how to make a sports car that suits your style of racing, count the costs and ensure that you can finish what you start.

Start out by getting together the basics:

  • Tow vehicle
  • Membership in a racing club
  • Cheap car
  • Access to donor vehicles

Discovering how to make a sports car usually results in numerous trips to junkyards and other locales where donor vehicles may be located. It is a good idea to build a good working relationship with the staff at these venues.

  1. Buy a cheap car. Make sure that the frame is solid. Everything else is negotiable.
  2. Read through the rules manual for your car racing club. Learning how to make a sports car that qualifies for racing requires strict adherence to weight and gear restrictions. Make a mistake here, and all the work and money spent will be for nothing.
  3. Part out the car as much as possible. Get rid of the passenger seat and anything else the rules allow you to remove. The lighter the car, the faster it will go.
  4. Install a roll cage, racing seat and harness setup.
  5. Visit the junkyard or use parts from donor cars to upgrade the sports car. For example, you may want to put in a bigger engine.

Granted, learning how to make a sports car in this manner does not result in a stunning looking specimen. In fact, it may look every bit the Franken-car that it really is. That being said, it is the cheapest and most affordable way of getting started with a homemade sports car you can actually use on the racing circuit. Just remember that these modifications will likely preclude the car from being street-legal and a tow vehicle is a must.

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