How To Make A Star Wars Bounty Hunter Costume

Star Wars fans short on cash may be wondering how to make a Star Wars bounty hunter costume at home. Bounty hunters were the mercenaries for hire in the Star Wars series. They tracked down, captured or killed anyone with a price on their head. A good bounty hunter costume will include body armor and lots of weapons. 

To make a Star Wars Bounty Hunter costume you will need;

  • Black or grey pants 
  • Black or grey long sleeve shirt
  • Black, grey or brown craft foam
  • Scissors
  • Double stick tape
  • Black elastic cord, (optional)
  • Duct tape
  • Cardboard shoe box
  • Cardboard
  • Spray paint, metallic colors
  • Boots
  • Dark colored gloves
  1. Create a solid base for your Star Wars bounty hunter costume. Wear a pair of black, grey or brown pants. These can be jeans, sweats or any style casual pants. Put on a black, grey or brown long sleeve shirt. Again, your shirt can be any style; T-shirt, turtleneck, sweater or sweatshirt. 
  2. Cut craft foam armor in oval or square shapes to cover the base of your bounty hunter costume. Cut a long oval for your shins, thighs, forearms, etc. Cut round or square shapes from the craft foam to cover knees, elbows.
  3. Make body armor for your chest and back with several rectangle lengthwise. Fill in blank spots with other shapes. Do not completely cover the base with craft foam, leave room to move. 
  4. Use a piece of double stick tape to affix the craft foam to the base outfit of the Star Wars bounty hunter costume. Secure the craft foam with elastic bands if desired. Tape the body armor directly on your shirt.
  5. Add torn strips of duct tape to the costume for more effects.  Mimic a beat up, war torn look by adding duct tape to the craft foam. Alternately, you can use the duct tape to affix the craft foam to the base.
  6. Spray paint the box and lid of a shoe box with metallic paint. Cut one end of the box off. Fit the box over the back of your head. Crush the corners if desired. 
  7. Cut the edges off the shoe box lid. Cut the lid in half.  Use duct tape to attach one side of the lid to the box edge near the bottom to cover your mouth. This will create your Star Wars bounty hunter helmet.
  8. Make the rest of your bounty hunter accessories with cardboard. Cut a long strip for a belt. Attach the ends with duct tape, or poke holes and lace the belt together with an elastic band. Cut weapon shapes from cardboard. Spray paint with metallic paint. 
  9. Put on your boots and gloves and the Star Wars bounty hunter costume is complete.
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