How To Make A Star Wars Cad Bane Halloween Costume

Learning how to make a Star Wars Cad Bane Halloween costume is easy, provided you can be a little creative with what you use. Cad Bane comes from arguably the most popular group of characters in the Star Wars Universe. He is from the unique group of bounty hunters that exist in the Star Wars stories. No two bounty hunters are alike in the Star Wars galaxy except for the obvious similarities between Boba and Jango Fett. Cad Bane has a unique look all his own. He's a mixture between a cowboy from a spaghetti western and one of those oval headed, big eyed aliens that supposedly abduct people from small towns. Let's put a Cad Bane outfit together.

  1. Think Clint Eastwood. The first step to creating a Cad Bane Star Wars costume is to get a one of those brown, leather colored, wide brimmed cowboy hats. Along with that hat you need one of those long, brown leather coats you'd see in an old western movie. Finding the hat will be easy enough. If you have a problem finding the coat, you could always make one out of an old brown sheet. Using box cutters and scissors, you can easily create the coat by cutting out the shape from the sheet's material. After some well placed tape and staples, you have a Cad Bane coat to use for Halloween.
  2. His Face. Cad Bane's face is very similar to the faces you'd see on those oval-headed alien masks. You know the ones with the huge eyes? Just grab one of those masks. You're sure to be able to find one at a Halloween shop or a toy store. Once you have it, it's just a matter of coloring the mask blue. Use paint, or even those permanent markers. Don't forget to color in two black square shapes, one on both cheeks. Cad Bane's eyes are red, so don't forget to color the mask's eyes accordingly. Not to hard right?
  3. Shirt, Boots and Pants. Just grab a cheap, dark brown colored, collared shirt. His pants look like a darker denim color. You could even used a dark brown colored khaki pant. Get some black boots.
  4. Gloves and Wrist Guards. Cad Bane has a pair of these futuristic looking forearm and wrist guards that he wears in the Star Wars universe. If you want to be a detailed copy of Cad Bane, you'll need to make some. The easiest way to do it is to grab some duct tape and some paper plates. Use the plates to form the shape of the guards around your waste and use the duct tape to wrap around the plates. This will work well because the guards are grey in color. You'll have to color in the little futuristic buttons on the guards. As far as the gloves are concerned, just grab some cheap, black, workout gloves without the fingers on them. Oh yeah, your hands have to be blue so figure out how you want to color your exposed skin.
  5. Accessories. Cad Bane has two hoses that come out of his face and connect to the back of his coat. He also has a total of four holsters with guns in them. Break out the duct tape once again. The cuct tape can be used to create the holsters and the belt needed to hold them up. You need two holsters at waist height and two holsters on the boots. The hoses connected to the face can be a little more difficult to create. We suggest using old paper towel rolls. Wrap the duct tape around the rolls to create the hoses. You need to connect the hoses to the black squares previously colored on the cheeks of your mask. Make sure to make the hoses long enough to allow for decent head movement. Tape them down to the coat. When you put on the costume, attach the hoses to your mask. Guess what you're going to use, more of that good old duct tape. Oh, don't forget to get some plastic guns and you're all done with this Star Wars character costume. 



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