How To Make A Star Wars Clone Wars Deluxe Commander Fox Child Costume

Here's how to make a Star Wars Clone Wars Deluxe Commander Fox child costume. "Star Wars" is famous for introducing the world to a host of very unique characters. Han Solo, Bobba Fett and Luke Skywalker are probably the most famous characters in "Star Wars" history. Each of them have very unique looks that would be very hard to reproduce. Lucky for us, we're trying to create a Commander Fox costume for a kid. Truthfully, a "Deluxe" Commander Fox child costume is still relatively bare bones compared to other characters. Thank George Lucas for making the clone troops look so plain. Let's put together a Deluxe Commander Fox child costume.

What you need:

  • 5 or 6 pieces of white poster board
  • white paper plates
  • black duct tape
  • markers (more specifically red or burgundy)
  • the cardboard leftovers from 5 or 6 paper towel rolls
  • glue or some sort of good adhesive
  • black gloves
  • elastic string
  • scissors
  • your kid
  1.  Child's play. Commander Fox is a soldier in the Clone Army. Because of this, the uniform's major deviation from other clone troops is nothing more than his colors. Well, let's get started. You're going to need to use your kid as a model for a few of the pieces of the outfit. We're going to make the helmet first.

    • Take one of your paper plates and cut out the eye holes. Put it up to Jr's face to make sure he can see. Color in the designs of Commander Fox's mask next. Color two slightly slanted black strips across each eye hole. Make sure they meet at a point slightly under eye level.
    • Color in another black strip down the center of the mask, originating from the black strip of the eyes, to about the mouth. Then color two shorter black strips slanting from the middle black strip in both directions. It should basically look like a weirdly shaped "I" in the middle of the mask.
    • Add red strips horizontally under both eyes, and one vertically under the mouth to the chin. 
    • Next have Jr come back over. You're going to need to fit three more paper plates to create the mask. One for each side and one for the top. After this is done we can apply the colors to each piece.
    • The plate that you're going to attach to the top should simply have a thick red strip coloring the part of the plate that'll be facing forward. Also add a thinner strip in the middle going from front to back. We don't need to add any color to the sides of Jr's Commander Fox costume.

  2. Putting it together. Use the tape or the glue to connect the plates to their respective sides. When Jr throws the mask on, all you'll need to do is secure it in the back which you can do by using elastic string. Just connect it from one side of the mask to the other by going around Jr's head.

    • The torso and shoulders. The most important part about the torso is the crest on Commander Fox's chest.
    • Grab the poster board and position it with the long side going vertically.  
    • Cut out a space for your kid to fit his or her neck comfortably at the top. Draw the crest in red marker on the front. Don't forget to draw Commander Fox's utility belt at the bottom.
    • Take another poster board and do the same for the back. Connect the two sides at your kid's shoulders with the tape.
    • Finally, cut a paper plate in half and color both halves red. Wrap them around your kids upper arms. Use the tape to secure them.
    • Your Costume is pretty much finished. If you want to get really intricate you can use paper plates and poster board to line your kid's arms with too. The forearms will have to be colored red.
  3. Final touches. Make Commander Fox's gun simply by wrapping your left over paper towel cardboard in black duct tape. You can throw on some white colored pants and red boots to handle the lower body of the costume.
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