How To Make A Star Wars Ewok Infant Toddler Costume

Need to know how to make a Star Wars Ewok infant or toddler costume? Halloween is the perfect time to show off your infant or toddler in an adorable costume, and what could be more adorable than a wide-eyed, cute and cuddly Star Wars Ewok? Make this Ewok costume for the youngest Star Wars fan in your family, and he will be the star of trick-or-treating. This Star Wars costume is incredibly easy to make (no sewing skills are needed), and you may even have some of the materials already lying around your house.

To make a Star Wars Ewok infant or toddler costume, you will need:

  • A brown, furry animal costume
  • Leather or other brown fabric remnants
  • A tall and sturdy stick
  • Brown face-paint or washable brown marker
  1. Find any furry and/or brown animal costume that will fit your infant or toddler. You may have one from a previous Halloween, or you can find one for cheap online. A bear or monkey costume works the best, because the rounded ears are similar to an Ewok's ears.
  2. If needed, make any alterations to the costume to make it more closely resemble an Ewok from Star Wars. This may include rounding out the ears or trimming a tail.
  3. Take a piece of leather or other brown fabric and drape it over the head of the costume. Note where to cut openings for your infant or toddler's face and the ears of the animal costume. When complete, the hood should loosely drape over your toddler's head and past his shoulders. Take the piece of fabric off of your child and use scissors to cut the openings.
  4. Replace the fabric over your child's head, and adjust so that the hood allows for the ears and face to be exposed. To accessorize, add a tall and sturdy stick to use as the Ewok's walking stick, or fasten tin foil to the end of the stick to create a spear. Paint an Ewok nose on your child's nose with brown face-paint or a washable marker.
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