How To Make Star Wars Imperial Officer Costume

Learning how to make a Star Wars Imperial Officer costume doesn't have to be a daunting task.  It's a relatively simple outfit composed of items that can be found or sewn.  You won't be put out an arm and a leg whichever way you choose to do it.

  1. The first part of how to make the outfit is the coat.  It's actually more of a tunic shape than an actual coat.  The non-sewing option is to purchase a chef's jacket.  These close up the same way as the Imperial Officer's jacket.  Best bet is to buy one that has snaps instead of buttons so you don't have to deal with button holes.  It's impossible to cover them unless you're handy with a sewing machine.  For those who sew, start with McCall's pattern #2233.  It's a chef's jacket pattern with the only alteration needed is to move the jacket closure a couple more inches over.  The costume designers for "Star Wars" must not have had much of a budget for clothing, hence the simplicity. 
  2. Moving onto the pants, these may be a bit more difficult to find.  They're called jodhpurs and are traditionally found in the horse riding world, specifically saddle seat riders.  Companies such as SS Tack carry men's jodhpurs.  Make sure to buy the type that are flared from the waist to the thighs.  This is an item that's probably best having custom made.  The riding world is not immune to fashion trends which can make it difficult to find particular items.  Suitability has a men's breech pattern that can be easily converted into a jodhpur style by any experienced seamster.  This is an important detail in order to match the Imperial Officer's look.
  3. The boots, like the pants, are from the horseback riding world.  Budget will drive what's purchased for this article.  Tall motorcycle boots that do not have the harness on them will suffice.  Searching online auction sites is another source as well as online horse journal classifieds.  There you will find used boots at a lower price than purchasing new.  If new is an option, then there is no limitation on what to buy.  The style of boot is called a standard hunt boot.  Do not buy field boots as these have a feature of lacing at the ankle.  The original "Star Wars" Imperial Officer's footwear is a smooth boot that's devoid of any ornament.  Costume designers in "Star Wars" adhered to a German military look, which takes it's cue from the calvary.
  4. Last, but not least, is the hat.  This is an item that is best being purchased.  There are no known patterns currently on the market.  Fortunately they're not very expensive and tend to come with the "Star Wars" Imperial Officer's insignia already attached.

There are not many components needed to make the "Star Wars" Imperial Officers costume.  It's a good costume to start with for those who want to stay on a budget but express their love of the movies. 

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