How To Make A Star On Your Shoelaces

Making a star on your shoelaces is a unique way to stand out. Something as simple as shoelaces can make a fashion statement. Today everyone is looking for a way to be different. People try different hair, clothes, and accessories. Not many people think of the most simple detail, shoelaces! Express yourself by making a cool star on your shoelaces. It is fun and simple. Use neon or patterned shoelaces to create a fun star. The best part is that you don't need any supplies except your own shoes to make an awesome star!

In order to make a star with your shoelaces, you will need:

  • Shoes with shoelaces
  1. Start with your shoes unlaced. Remove the laces until just the first row is laced from the outside going in.
  2. Skip over the next two eyelet sets. You will now be at the fourth set.
  3. Thread the laces through the fourth eyelet working from the outside in. Thread the laces through the inside and outside of the third row eyelets.
  4. Bring the lace on the right side up to the very top hole on the left side. Feed through from the inside out.
  5. Run the left lace straight across to the right side eyelet hole. Thread it under and back out the fourth hole eyelet on the right. Take the shoelace straight across again and thread through right side from the outside in.
  6. Run the shoelace under and out the third hole. You will end up on the left side.
  7. Bring the lace to the top. Feed it in through the top hole on the right from the outside in.
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