How To Make Starcraft maps

You like playing "StarCraft," but now you want to know how to make StarCraft maps and you don’t have a clue where to begin. Making "StarCraft" maps takes time if you want to make good ones. Maps generally take the map maker over a week to a month for a great map. Here is a basic outline to help you get started in making your own maps.

  1. Let’s face it, to make "StarCraft" maps you’re going to need a better program than the one used in "StarCraft." The Campaign Editor is a great base if you want to learn the basics of map making. You can play with doodads and triggers to get the idea why they are there. If you want to make good "StarCraft" maps you have to get a Map Editor that was not made by Blizzard like Star Edit.
  2. If you just want to get the basics down on how to make "StarCraft" maps, then keep on reading. First, select the size you want your map to be. You don’t want it to be very big all the time, because there is no challenge for the players there. The smaller you make the map the more intense the game play will be for your gamers.
  3. A successful map uses many triggers to keep the players interested in the games play. If a player wanted to play a regular match he would go and play one online. The map editors are not really made for regular map making. A lot of time and research goes into the placement of resources and other things to ensure a well-balanced map. Map editors are used to making unique playing scenarios that you wouldn’t normally find from the run of the mill Blizzard maps. To ensure that gameplay is unique in your maps, you will heavily rely on triggers. To make "StarCraft" maps fun you should play around with the triggers to see what you can do with them.
  4. When you make a "StarCraft" map make sure all the starting areas and the whole scenario is balanced for all players. If you make a map that is unbalanced it will get “banned” by the "StarCraft" community. People will not want to play it if there isn’t a fair fight involved. To ensure balance, try to make your map symmetrical. When you put resources down on one side you should put them down in the same amount on the other side. Make sure that you make all the pathways and starting areas look the same too. Don’t block an area for resources to one player that is open to another. If you do decide to make an area where a player can’t get to then you have to make that same set-up on the other side of the map.
  5. To make a "StarCraft" map seem appealing to the players use all the tools you have access to in the editor. You should know what all the tools do in the map editor. If you don’t then take some time to play with it. Remember, the more that you get familiar using these tools the better your maps will come out.

There are a lot of "StarCraft" map makers out there, and they all have forums on how to make the better map. If you want to become an advance "StarCraft" map maker then you have to do the research in forums. To make "StarCraft" maps takes time, to make good "StarCraft" maps takes experience.

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