How To Make A Stopwatch

If you enjoy electronics and have ever wanted a homemade stopwatch, learn how to make a stopwatch in only a few minutes using two simple electronic devices and a piece of programming code. Even if you do not know how to program, the code is already written for you and all you have to do is install it. This homemade stopwatch will record time and display it on a large, easy-to-read four digit display.

Items You'll Need:

  • CSG module with four digits and seven segments
  • CUBLOC starter kit
  • file
  1. Purchase a CSG module with four digits and seven segments. You'll also need a CUBLOC start kit. This comes with the electronic control system you need and the CSG module is the display where the numbers for your stopwatch will display. Even if you understand little about electronics, these pieces are relatively easy to put together for a simple stopwatch.
  2. Download the file. This file is available online. Download the file to your CUBLOC start kit after setting it up.
  3. Push the first pushbutton to start the stopwatch. When you're done, push it again to stop the timer. The program you downloaded tells the buttons what to do, though if you know enough programming language you can program the controls to whatever you want. The display will show your recorded time when you hit the stop button.
  4. Push the second pushbutton to reset the stopwatch to zero. Your recorded time will be erased and you can start the stopwatch again.
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