How To Make Straw Oboes

Do you want to know how to make straw oboes? Are you looking for something to give the kids to do that is fun and musical? Children love to make music or just noise. There are simple ways to allow your child or anyone to make music and straw oboes are one such simple instrument. With this article I will tell you how to make straw oboes.  I have done this with my own children and following these simple steps will give you and your child hours of musical enjoyment.

To make straw oboes, you will need:

  • Drinking Straw
  • Scissors
  1. Flatten straw Flatten one end of straw with your teeth or fingers.
  2. Cut straw Cut the flattened end evenly on both sides to form a point, try to make the point longer not shorter.
  3. Put staw in mouth. Put the cut end into your mouth to cover point and blow hard. It should make a sound like a kazoo.
  4. No sound? If you get no sound than experiment by cutting the reed longer or flattening it more. Blow harder or softer until you get sound. After you get sound from the straw oboe follow the next steps.
  5. Hole Puncture a hole in straw with scissors about halfway up the straw.
  6. Cut 2nd hole. Cut another hole about a width of a finger's length down from that.
  7. Play Play the straw oboe like a flute by putting fingers over holes back and forth while blowing on the straw. This will create different notes.

Just follow these steps on how to make straw oboes and your children can have their own musical band with straw oboes.



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