How To Make Stretch Cocktail Rings

Learn how to make stretch cocktail rings to wear or give as gifts. This trendy project can save you lots of money and help you produce customized pieces of art that anyone would be proud to wear. 

To make stretch cocktail rings you will need the following.

  • Elastic bead cord
  • Seed beads
  • Tape
  • Jump ring
  • Thin wire
  • Large beads
  • Needle nosed pliers


  1. Select the beads. Choose the color scheme you want to use for your stretch cocktail ring. The large accent beads can be made from glass, plastic or pearls or metal. Be sure the beads chosen have holes that will fit through the elastic beading cord. 
  2. Measure your finger. Cut a 3 lengths of beading cord, adding 4 inches to this measurement. The extra amount will be used to make the knot. There are several colors of elastic beading cord. Generally use clear cord with crystal and glass beads. Colors or metallic cord can be used to match or contrast with the beads.
  3. Tape one end of the cord to the table. This allows you to thread the seed beads on without losing any on the floor. Fill all three of the elastic cords with seed beads. 
  4. Knot the elastic cord tightly.  Add a dot of jeweler's glue to secure the knot. Slide the knot under the seed beads to hide it. Repeat with all three cords.
  5. Place all three elastic rings together. Attach a jump ring through all three to hold together.
  6. Thread a larger accent beads on a piece of thin wire. Seed beads or smaller flashy beads can be added to each side of the large bead. Make a balanced pattern or make one side larger than the other. 
  7. Wrap the wire through the jump ring. Use needle nosed pliers to tightly twist the wire to firmly attach it. Snip off the excess wire and spin the twisted part of the wire through the beads to hide the end.
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