How To Make String Bracelets

Learning how to make string bracelets is fun. String bracelets are also known as friendship bracelet which makes a wonderful gift to the people who are close to you. Making it as a friendship band with your friends, you can create your own string bracelets as a gift or souvenir and you can even sell it too.

You will need:

  • Colored strings
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  1. Assemble all the materials that you will need. You can buy the tools and materials that you will need from a sewing or craft store. Choose the colors of the strings that you want to use for making the string bracelet. To be able to create a colorful stripe effect, choose different colors for your string bracelet. The number of the strings you will use will determine the width of your bracelet. The more strings you use the wider will be the bracelet.
  2. Cut the strings equally on your desired length. For a regular wrist, you may need to cut the strings between fourteen to sixteen inches. It is better to make the actual measurement directly from your wrist though.
  3. Tie one end of the strings in a square knot. Make sure to leave about two inches above the knot, as this extra length will be used for tying together both ends of the strings later on. Put a tape just above the knot. This will keep the strings in place as you begin working on the strands of strings.
  4. Spread all strings. Take the one farthest on left side and bring it across the top of the strings to the right to leave a loop and tighten it to create a knot. Repeat the same step on the same string.
  5. With the string farthest to the left, pull it over to the right just as in step four. Work on the rest of the strings using the same step until all strings have been completed to create a horizontal row of striped colors.
  6. Continue working on the rows of strings until it is long enough to fit the wrist. Try it on your wrist and it should be lose enough to accommodate two fingers in on your wrist. The string can sink when wet therefore you should give extra length for the strings to give more space for the wrist once they get tight.
  7. Tie the ends of the string on a square knot. Leave at least two inches of strings past the knot. Tie both ends of the string bracelets as in tying a shoelace on the first part of doing it but do it twice. Cut any lose ends.
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