How To Make Subwoofer Box

If you have more woodworking skills than money, consider learning how to make your own subwoofer box. It's not difficult to learn how to make your own subwoofer box. The biggest secret might be having access to the right tools. Determine what size box you want, gather your tools and supplies, and you are ready to make the box.

Tools and supplies needed:

  • Drill
  • Coarse-threaded screws
  • Wood glue
  • Putty knife
  • 120 grit sand paper and sanding block
  • Skill or table saw
  • Medium-density fiberboard
  1. Plan the box. Determine what size you want the box to be, making sure it will fit into the space you want to put the box. Make sure the box will contain the subwoofer.
  2. Cut the wood. Use the power saw to cut the wood into the appropriate sizes need for top, bottom and sides of the subwoofer box.
  3. Check the box size. Loosely assemble the subwoofer box to ensure is the size you want.
  4. Prepare to assemble. Brush all the edges of the wood to remove all particle dust.
  5. Apply wood glue. Apply wood glue to all edges that need to connect.
  6. Assemble bottom and sides. Place the bottom and sides together and drill holes for the screws. Insert the screws.
  7. Clean off wood glue. Use a putty knife to scrape off all excess wood glue from the outside of the subwoofer box.
  8. Seal the interior. Before putting the face on the enclosure, apply wood glue to all inside seams of the box. This will seal the box to maintain the atmosphere inside.
  9. Add the face. Attach the face of the subwoofer box using wood screws and wood glue.
  10. Apply putty. Putty up all screw holes and seams.
  11. Sand the box. Once all the putty is completely dry, use sandpaper to smooth all external seams.

Your subwoofer box is done and you are ready to install the subwoofer!

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