How To Make A Subwoofer Hit Harder

Speakers can't do it alone, so it's time to learn how to make a subwoofer hit harder. A weak subwoofer is like a basketball center that can't rebound and block shots. There's just no point. In order for your sounds to be top notch, you need to know how to make your subwoofer hit harder. A hard-hitting subwoofer gives you the bass the speakers just can't touch. If your subwoofer isn't hitting hard enough, there's a few tricks you can try to help deepen the bass. It's time to get your lazy subwoofers to do some real work. Here's how to make a subwoofer hit harder, a lot harder.

Things you'll need:

  • Proper wiring
  1. Change the wiring. If you're using a subwoofer that was bought separately from your speaker set, the problem could be your wiring. Buying a new set of wiring can greatly increase your subwoofer's output. You get what you pay for, so don't get the cheap stuff. Get some good, professional wiring. You're guaranteed to feel the vibrations pound through your body after you've set up your sub with some good wiring.
  2. Check the levels. The more expensive subwoofers actually let you control their output levels. If your wiring is right and everything else checks out, try checking your levels. It can be as simple as turning one knob. Or it could be as complicated as dealing with an entire control panel. Either way, you'll have to tweak with the buttons to get your levels right. Just make sure you don't turn them up too high because the subwoofer will stutter. A stuttering subwoofer sounds really bad. Test the sub out until you find the right combination of treble and bass coming out of your speakers and subwoofer.
  3. Sub placement. Something as simple as rearranging your set up can make your sub hit a lot harder. Pushing the back of your sub up against a hard surface can really help to project the sound of the bass. You can do the same with the speakers as well. Seriously, try pushing the sub up against a corner and watch how the sound waves project a lot farther, making that sub hit a lot harder.
  4. A combo. Do all three. Try doing all of the aforementioned tips to experience the full sound of your subwoofer. If you can't get your sub to hit harder following these tips, you need to get a better piece of equipment.
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