How To Make Sun Tea

When you want something to drink on a hot summer day, knowing how to make sun tea can help you quench that thirst. Sun tea can be made at home with a few simple ingredients. Just follow these easy steps and put the sun to work for you.

To make sun tea, you will need:

  • Tea bags
  • Glass pitcher
  • Water
  • Ice
  • Optional: sugar and/or lemon


  1. Fill the pitcher with water. Use two quarts of drinkable water to make sun tea to prepare approximately eight servings. Glass pitchers, especially those shaped like jars with a spout near the bottom for pouring, are particularly useful for making sun tea.

  2. Add four to six tea bags and put the lid on. Place the lid so that the strings and paper tabs attached to the tea bags remain outside of the pitcher.

  3. Place the pitcher in the warmth of the sun. Put your pitcher on the porch, patio, or window sill where it will receive the most direct sunlight and wait. The warmth of the sun, and time, will make sun tea by brewing it for you.

  4. Remove the pitcher from the sun after a few hours when your tea has reached its desired color and strength. When your tea is ready, remove the tea bags from the pitcher.

  5. Refrigerate or serve over ice. Put your pitcher in the refrigerator to create a cool beverage on a hot day, or achieve the same effect by breaking out the ice cubes and glasses and pouring your sun tea over ice.

  6. Flavor your sun tea to taste with lemon and/or sugar. Make your sun tea personalized to its drinker by flavoring it as desired.

  7. Serve and enjoy. Kick back and enjoy your sun tea on your own, or impress your friends and family with your knowledge of how to make sun tea.

Making sun tea can be a great way to refresh yourself on a hot day. Plan ahead and let the sun brew your tea for you while you enjoy the weather, and you'll have a refreshing tea ready and waiting for you at the end of a busy afternoon. Make sun tea and be prepared to quench the thirst that the sun can also bring.

Tips: You can still make sun tea on a cloudy day if it is warm enough–brew sun tea with either the heat from the day or direct sunlight. Check on your tea periodically to avoid brewing it too long and making a bitter sun tea.

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