How To Make A Surf Paddle

Learning how to make a surf paddle is not too hard. You need certain materials, time, and a level of craftsmanship to undertake the process. Here is advice on how to make a surf paddle, which is made in much the same way that a canoe oar is built.

How to Make a Surf Paddle: Materials

  • Long piece of hardwood, one inch thick
  • Saw, such as table saw or electric hand saw
  • Electric sander
  • Sandpaper
  • Varnish

How to Make a Surf Paddle:

  1. First, buy all of the supplies that you will need. They should be available at any construction supply or home improvement store.
  2. Next, trace the dimensions of the surf paddle onto the hardwood. Overall, its length should be slightly more than your height, as you will be standing up, and reaching down into the water with it while it is in use. One end should have a handle, and the other should have a one and a half to two foot paddle blade, and in between, there should be a long, narrow shaft; this whole paddle constitutes the length, which should be greater than your height.
  3. Cut the paddle shape from the hardwood.
  4. With the electric sander, sand the blade so that it is narrower than the shaft, and sand the shaft to make it round. Also see if you can round the handle a bit. Then, using sandpaper, thoroughly sand the whole paddle until it is very smooth, and its handle is comfortable.
  5. Apply a strong, waterproof finish or varnish to your homemade surf paddle, and put it to use!

With the right supplies, you can make an item that proves very handy out on the water.

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