How To Make Surfboards

Regardless as to whether you want to do it for cost or for style, you may want to learn how to make surfboards.  All you need is some supplies and some time in order to make surfboards.  It really isn’t difficult and it really is cost effective.

To make surfboards you will need:

  • A planer
  • A Jigsaw
  • An electric drill
  • An electric sander
  • Sand paper
  • A workhorse
  • A foam blank
  • A fin kit
  • Fiberglass cloth
  • Hot coat resin
  • Polyester surfboard resin
  • MEKP catalyst for the resin
  • A thin sheet of plywood
  • A squeegee
  • A leash plug
  • A surfboard leash
  1. Make a template for your surfboards.  Model this pattern after surfboards that you have tried in the past or find one to trace.  Take into consideration the nose and tail design, rail shape, length and width.
  2. Use a jigsaw to cut your template out of a thin sheet of plywood.  Make sure to lock the plywood in place before cutting it. 
  3. Get a blank foam core from a surf-supply catalog.  Do some research to ensure that you get the right size and material for when you make surfboards.  Since these are pretty close to finished surfboards, you will want to choose carefully. 
  4. Shape your surfboards.  Put the template on top of your blank and trace the pattern before cutting it with a jigsaw. 
  5. Use an electric planer to shave off the foam in order to create the shape of rails, nose and tails that you desire.  Use a hand planer on the nose and tail to fine tune their shape.
  6. Flip the surfboards over onto its bottom and clamp it onto the workhorse.  Roll the fiberglass over it.  Make sure that some hangs over the edges of the blank and rails.
  7. Mix the resin and the catalyst together.  Pour the mixture over the center of your board then use a squeegee to roll it across the surfboards.  Fold the fiberglass over the edges.  Allow this to dry overnight before repeating this process for your deck.
  8. Install fins onto the bottom of the surfboards.  Apply resin over it and allow it to dry overnight.
  9. Drill a hole into the bottom of the board with an electric drill.  Cut off any excess foam and add resin to the hole.  Insert your leash plug in the hole and cover with more resin.  Allow this to dry for three hours.
  10. Dust off the surfboards.  Use an electric sander to give it a glossy finish.
  11. Glass the surfboards by applying a fiberglass coat.  Roll the fiberglass cloth over the surfboards then cut it to the shape of your boards, leaving a 1-inch overlap.  Mix the resin and apply a thick layer so that you can adhere the glass and board together.  Smooth out the bubbles and walk on it as it dries.
  12. Finish off the surfboards.  Sand everything again and then polish it.
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