How To Make Surfing On The Computer Safe

Those of you who own any kind of PC, be it a Macintosh or a machine running Windows, will want to know how to make surfing on the computer safe for the sake of your security and peace of mind. The internet is an infinite world full of diversified content, job opportunities and people to meet, but it is also polluted by hackers, spyware, viruses and predators of all sorts. You will need to be well armed to make surfing on the computer safe and fortunately, the tools for doing so are more available and easy to use than ever before.


You will need the following tools to make surfing on the computer safe:

  • An Anti-Virus program

  • A Software Firewall

  • A Spyware scanner


  1. Obtain and install an anti-virus program. This is one of your two most important ways to make surfing on the computer safe. This is designed to prevent malicious programs from installing themselves on your computer.

  2. Install a software firewall. Some programs, while not considered viruses, like to access the internet to send all sorts of information from your PC back to another website. Few of these programs tend to tell you what information they are sending. A software firewall can make surfing on the computer safe by giving you total control over what programs are allowed to “phone home”.

  3. Get an anti-spyware program. Some websites install tracking cookies which track your browsing habits. There are also programs that keep a record of your keystrokes, a hazard which completely bypasses all password security.

  4. Avoid suspicious-looking websites. If you see a site that throws pornography up in your face without your request or which peddles illegal music or software downloads, it's probably not safe to browse.



There is no way to make surfing the internet from your computer perfectly safe. However, by following some simple steps you can make it extremely difficult for an online predator to do harm to your computer, your files, or your privacy and financial well-being.

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