How To Make Surfing Kites

Are you wondering how to make surfing kites? While making your surfing kite is obviously less expensive, it can also be just to have that unique surfing kite that no one else has. If you have access to a printer, sewing machine and patience you can make a surfing kite in a couple of days.

  • bridles
  • ripstop nylon
  • sewing machine (double or triple stitch)
  • thread
  • webbing
  • chalk
  • surfplan software
  • board
  1. Print software to make surfing kites. If you do not have a printer available, go to your local library to print the software. The plans include a large amount of papers to be printed, just a heads up.
  2. Trace panels. Use chalk to trace the panels (ribs) from the pattern onto the ripstop nylon. Carefully cut the panels to start making your surfing kite.
  3. Sew panels. Make sure to at least double stitch the panels together following the instructions on the software. Note that triple stitching is better if your machine has the capability.
  4. Trace struts, canopy panels and leading edges. Again, use your chalk to trace the leading edges, canopy panels and struts from your pattern onto the fabric. Carefully cut the struts, canopy panels and leading edges.
  5. Sew. Sew the struts, canopy panels and leading edges using a double or triple stitch. Make sure to allow the salvage as indicated on your downloaded papers to make a safe surfing kite.
  6. Add harness webbing to make surfing kites. Half way up the wing tip add the harness webbing to make the "v" shape for the rear lines. Harness modifications can be done by kite shop professionals if you do not want to do this yourself.
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