How To Make Sweat Smell Better

Learning how to make sweat smell better is of the utmost importance to people who secrete putrid body odor. Most people have the mistaken belief that sweat is the cause of body odor. The fact is sweat does not have any smell associated with it. Toxins are the cause of perspiration odor. People who suffer with severe body odor and excessive sweating may have a serious medical condition.

Supplements Needed to Help Prevent Body Odor:

  • Chlorophyll
  • Magnesium
  • Vitamin A
  • The B Vitamins
  • Zinc


  1. There are many causes of foul body odor. Some people who eat large quantities of meat and some vegetarians can expel a rank body smell. Inadequate amounts of zinc and magnesium can also cause this problem. Furthermore, constipation has been known to cause arm pit odor. The sweat glands secrete a substance containing protein, carbohydrates, and lipids. When the body is under stress an increase in sex hormones occurs, and is attacked by bacteria. It is this bacterium that actually causes body odor. Other causes of body odor are liver disease, kidney disease, infections, and refined sugar. Bacteria are fueled by refined sugar and should be avoided.
  2. Lifestyle changes are in order to diminish a toxic body smell. Hydrogen Peroxide applied to the under arms may help eliminate body odor. Eliminate bacteria from your skin by bathing every day. For the most serious of body smells consider adding tomato juice to the bath water. Wearing loose-fitting clothes keeps bacteria at bay because the sweat will exit the armpit area. Clothes made of synthetics tend to stifle the breathing of the arm pit and will lead to odors. Natural material like cotton is a better choice. Caffeine and tobacco should be avoided for people who secrete a pungent body odor. Discuss with your doctor any medications you currently take because they can affect body smell too. Be sure you are taking the recommended doses of vitamins and minerals.
  3. If body odor persists there are additional remedies you can try. Applying alcohol, white vinegar, or baby powder to your armpits has been used successfully to eliminate body odor. Baby wipes, baking soda, and even sage have also been known to work. 

There are many possible reasons a person can emit foul body odor. Be sure to eat a nutritious diet, and take supplemental vitamins and minerals. Certainly, people who suffer from this embarrassing dilemma will do just about anything to make their sweat smell better. The remedies listed have been known to work. Naturally, if all else fails a visit to your doctor is in order, because a serious medical problem may be the underlying cause.

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